• Calm Heart

Calm Heart


Agates have a deep calming energy that cultivates a sense of safety and security. Known to many as a protective stone with strong grounding powers, Agates also inspire people to resolve lingering problems.

Rose quartz is a heart chakra balancer and is used to enhance emotional awareness and manifest love. It is a great self-esteem and self-worth promoter for the body and mind. Rose Quartz stone is popular for its emotional balancing powers which help with forgiveness, and compassion (to ourselves and others).


Frosted Rose Quartz: Emotional Balancing, Enhances Ability to Forgive, Fosters More Compassion

Grey Agate: Protection, Healing, Calming and Harmony

Lava: Strengthening, Protective, Balancing

Stretch Cord

Stone Sizes: 8mm


Please kindly note: The pictured bracelet is a size 7” and other sizes will have different stone counts due to sizing difference.


From your own home collection of oils we would suggest using:  Grapefruit, Joyful Blend, Terra Shield, Lavender


We have compiled a few of our favorite suggested oils for your consideration, which have been found to best amplify the stone properties you see in this particular piece. Any therapeutic grade oil will work on your diffusing jewelry. Simply use any of our suggestions or play around with your own creative recipes and enjoy!