Gem Spotlight: Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Quartz comes in many color variations, one of those being pink, the color we associate with heart and love, which is exactly what it helps with and strengthens. Rose Quartz is a crystal that helps you find love and strengthen your bond, whether it is friendship, family or intimate, this stone will help you go deeper and reach the unconditional love so many yearn to have.

Rose quartz is a gentle pink, considered a feminine or motherly stone. Just like a mother’s love is unconditional, this stone provides that love for the person wearing it. It protects those who wear it and gently guides them in the direction of a life full of love. It promotes self-love, because we need to be sure and confident of ourselves to be able to give the most love to those around us.

This lovely stone is suggested for expecting mothers to wear and place on their growing stomachs to show their soon to be born children love and protection. If a woman is having a hard time getting pregnant, rose quartz has the properties to help with infertility issues. This stone is also advised for those suffering from leukemia.

Nurturing and gentle, but strong in its powers Rose Quartz has been a sign of love for thousands of years. Its warm and inviting colors used in jewelry to show affection and feelings of love and respect. Opening your heart on a deeper level in every way to your significant other, or those that have a special place in your heart.

Although Quartz has many varieties, Rose Quartz is the most common, so there is plenty of love to go around. As suggested by its color and meaning Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.

Essential Oils to pair with this gem are Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Cypress, Orange and Rose.

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