Cleansing Your Healing Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

The reason we cleanse crystals, besides the fact that when we bring them home they may have debris from the earth where they were mined, is because they also pick up and give off vibrations.  For this reason, you want the vibrations to be cleansed from any negativity or extraneous energy that you want to be removed from your crystals.  Crystals indiscriminately pick up energy.  Because of this, you want to keep them as clean both physically and spiritually so they can work the most effectively for your intentions.

After you initially clean your crystals, you do not have to clean them the same way.  This means you don't have to necessarily soak them for days to cleanse them of unwanted vibrations.  For those crystals that are not water-soluble, it is indeed possible to cleanse them in a little salt and water for up to 7 hours and have them in working shape.  If you have done any heavy spiritual work or even an exorcism, then it is recommended that the crystals used for that work be cleansed – maybe up to 4 days.

To refresh and cleanse your crystal after use, you want to immerse them in a plastic bowl with about one inch of fresh water.  It can be spring water, sea water, water with salt added, sacred water – any type of water you choose that your crystal tolerates.  Spring water is great as is sea water because both types of water are alive with minerals and nutrients to re-vitalize your crystals.

Another type of cleansing involves burying your crystals.  Some people bury them in a bowl of sea salt for cleansing purposes.  But sea salt can scratch or damage your crystals because it is also a crystal.  The other problem with salt and crystals is that if there is moisture present it can seep into the pores of the crystal and cause dullness.  Salt is not a preferred choice for cleansing most crystals.

Another burying method is to bury your crystals in the earth.  This can be done by actually digging a hole in the ground or getting a flower pot and some good potting soil to put the crystal or crystals in.  When burying your crystal in an actual hole in the ground, you must take into consideration the possibility of debris and matter in the earth which may cause damage to the crystal.  This is why a flower pot and purchased soil is a safer alternative.  You want to buy soft potting material or even peat moss.  You would fill the pot loosely with the soil and bury the crystal in it – which could be a few hours or a few days.

Many people who use either water-cleansing or earth-cleansing may also put the bowl with water or the flower pot either in the sun or moonlight to reap additional benefits that the sun rays and moonlight offer in the cleansing process.  In either case, a windowsill that gets sunlight or moonlight is fine for either purpose.