• Cleansing Your Healing Crystals

    The reason we cleanse crystals, besides the fact that when we bring them home they may have debris from the earth where they were mined, is because they also pick up and give off vibrations.  For this reason, you want the vibrations to be cleansed from any negativity or extraneous energy that yo... View Post
  • Gem Spotlight: Rose Quartz

    Quartz comes in many color variations, one of those being pink, the color we associate with heart and love, which is exactly what it helps with and strengthens. Rose Quartz is a crystal that helps you find love and strengthen your bond, whether it is friendship, family or intimate, this stone wi... View Post
  • Gem Spotlight: Lava

    Lava is something that is not the first stone that comes to mind when thinking about crystals. However, taking a second look at how lava stone is created and one can definitely understand the strength and power this crystal carries. Lava stones are the most abundant of any crystal, since there i... View Post